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MSR Deutsche School

MSR Deutsche School is established in the year 2017 to impart German Language education in Jaipur. It came into existence with the belief that this is the era of communication if one is facilitated with one or more German Language, success is guaranteed.

MSR Deutsche School is on the name of Mayank Singh Rathore who have 7-year experience of the corporate sector and was Co-worker in Deutsche Bank and completed his language from Max Muller Bhavan Pune" the MSR Deutsche school has been open to serve the best language services in Rajasthan.

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Now a day, Bachelor Program in Germany is becoming very popular for an international student from all over the world. German universities offer a wide range of Bachelor program in all selected fields. If we talk about India then, every year 70% increases in enrollment of Indian students at German universities. There are some good reasons to Study Graduate Program in Germany. Likewise, quality education, no tuition fees, more career opportunities. The student can study in German medium as well as in International program which is completely in English medium so it is very much easier for the International student to Study in Germany.

Two types of Universities are there in Germany:

(1) TU (Technical Universities)
(2) FH (Fachhochschule) University of Applied Science:

(1) TU (Technical Universities): These universities studies are more research oriental where student learn about techniques & method to use in their study. (2) FH (Fachhochschule) University of Applied Science: There are types of universities studies are the most practical base. 70% of your course will include practical lecture through the seminar, group discussion work in student research group, workshop etc. 30%, of course, include theoretical lecture.

Germany Universities Caritera

Eligibility :
Overall min 55% on your higher secondary Board.

For, every Indian student must have to fulfil entry requirement for admission inGerman university. In India, we have 12 years of school period and in Germany, it is 13 years. So if you want to do Bachelor course in Germany, you need to consider any of these three principles methods below:- (1) Successfully complete your 1 year of Bachelor Program in India from a recognized university in your preferred course. (2) Successfully clear Joint Entrance exam (JEE) for admission to courses in technology and natural sciences. (3) Passing the qualification assessment examination called as feststellungsprufung. This examination is taken by the German universities to check the knowledge of basic of the subjects related to your field (for exam science, commerce or arts).

Technische Universität München
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Universität Heidelberg
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Master in Germany

Planning to do Master Degree? Consider Germany. Well, first of all, you need to understand why completing master? Many graduates prefer to want to do the job after studies but doing master is like adding an extra piece of a cake. It helps to develop your knowledge in the preferred field of study & also makes you an artist or specialized engineer. And if you consider Germany then you really ecome an artist of your zone. Master in Germany is of 1 to 2 years including 2 to 4 semesters but the most common case being 2 years. There are more than 1000 types of master course available. The main engineering course includes Mechanical, Mechatronics, Textile, Industrial engineering, Automobile engineering, Aerospace engineering, Renewable engineering, Electrical & electronics, Communication etc. The business studies Master Courses are available with specialization in marketing, finance, operation, HR & supply chain management.. The student can study in German medium as well as in International program which is completely in English medium so it is very much easier for the International student to Study in Germany.

Master Studies In Germany, You Have Three Options:

(1) Choose an English taught program (International Master Program)
(2) Choose a German taught progra.
(3) Choose partial Program.

German Universities offer a wide range of international Master Program which is very popular in all over the world which is completely offer in English language and you do not require any German language knowledge to take part in this program. Due to high popularity and seat limitation student need a very good academic background (at least more than 75% in bachelor degree). Some universities may ask for your TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT scores, depending on the subject you choose to study. For example, GMAT may be asked for if you want to study economics or law.

Germany Universities Caritera

Eligibility :
55% overall in your bachelors.

The partial courses are generally offered in some universities with limited courses options. Students who don't want full German or English course can opt for the partial course where they have can do some part of a study in English & some part of a study in German. The partial course has three kinds of radio programs: 70 (German):30 (English) Ratio, 50 (English):50 (German) Ratio & 60(German):40 (English) Ratio. In this case, the student must have a certain level of English as well as the German language.

Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Dässeldorf
Humboldt-University, Berlin
Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz

Why should I choose Germany for my abroad PhD Studies?

Studying PhD in Germany, is an online guide serving to all the international students seeking to study PhD in Germany. It covers an extended information about the university admission criteria, visa requirements, recognition of higher education, available PhD programmes, top university and non-university research institutions in Germany, PhD thesis, a successful post PhD career and much more. Germany prides itself on the uniqueness of study and research quality, possessing the highest standards as regards of programs and research infrastructures. As a doctoral student in Germany, you will become an active part of scientific, research and industrial facets of the country getting the prosperous chance to explore your selected discipline inside a combined outline of theory and practice.

The international prestige

Considering the global prestige and the tradition as respects of education, science and research activity that the country has, deciding on Germany for your studies, you choose a top attracting destination for many international students. There are around 400 higher education institutions and 1,000 public and publicly funded institutions of science, research and development amongst which 140 awards doctoral degrees, with an enrollment of 240,000 students were 18,000 engage in doctoral studies and 26,000 in research work. You are about to consider that there are more than 500 research networks and groups for your practical part of the study. Additionally, the country sets a great focus on international students, figured also by the fact that around 38,000 international academics give their lessons at higher education institutions of Germany.

The wide-variety of study and research disciplines

Germany has to offer a wide-sort of doctoral study and research disciplines such as Automotive and Traffic Technology, Aviation Technologies, Biotechnology, Energy Technologies, Environmental Technology, Health Research, Humanities, Information and Communication Technologies, Maritime Technologies, Materials Technology, Medical Technologies, Natural Sciences, Nanotechnology, Optical Technologies, Photonics, Plants, Production Technologies, Security Research, Services, Social Sciences, Space Technology.

Technische Universität München
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Universität Heidelberg
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


Feststellungsprüfung or Assessment test is must in cases where your School-Leaving Certificate is not sufficient to get you direct admission in Germany for Education to complete the process. Assessment tests are subject to differ by university or university of applied sciences and preparation of these tests can be done under preparatory course or Studienkolleg at German University. Under foundation course, Studienkolleg covers subject-specific and linguistic preparatory studies for foreign students across the globe where the students will learn core courses of relevance to their degree programme and last over the year ending with an Assessment Test. Hochschulzugangsberechtigung aka HZB or Higher Education Entrance Qualification is required for the students to Study in German University. This is equivalent to Secondary School Leaving Certificate and German Abitur considers and entitles you to study. Every international student can check in Anabin website for their entry requirements for German university. Public And Private Studienkolleg.

Studienkolleghave five types:

M Course:
T- Course:
S course:
G course:

Technische Universität München
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Universität Heidelberg
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Why Choose Germany abroad Studies?

consider Germany – "The land of ideas" as a unique option. In other words, there are firm whys and wherefores that make Germany a hosting country of thousands international PhD students every year. Positioned in the center of Europe – science, research and development are the utmost substantial emblematic elements of this nation, dominating the world in innovation. You might have probably heard about it, or you did not, but Germany is a globally distinguished country in lieu of its wide-variety research systems, world-ranked universities and research institutions, enriched by paramount practical-training opportunities, where the proficiency of specialized doctoral candidates and graduates prominently attracts local industries, considerably increasing their employment prospect.





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